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What is a Webmaster and does my business need one?

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Do you find that maintaining and managing your website is a bit of a chore? Afraid you will do the wrong thing and knock your website down completely? Or are you just time poor and want someone to make your website “just work”?

You need a Webmaster.

What is a Webmaster?

A webmaster looks after the “do” of your website. They do the routine maintenance (yes, contrary to popular belief, websites do need to be maintained!), post updates, change images as well as take regular backups, ensure your site is safe and secure at all times, as well as check for and fix any errors that may turn up. All seems pretty important right?

So, why hire a webmaster?

Well if having someone look after everything above hasn’t convinced you, let’s break it down.
1. Convenience – you know there is always someone there to support you
2. Comfort – you can rest assured that a professional who knows your website and how it works from end to end is looking after everything for you
3. Security – the security and integrity of your site is monitored and any issues resolved
4. Perfection – can’t get that image to sit right? Text not aligning properly? Updates you made don’t match the professionalism you are trying to put forward to your clients? We make it pixel perfect
5. Modifications – basic changes that you might be uncertain of are taken share of
6. Installs and updates – Worried if you install a new plugin or update something it will break your site? Well it can happen, so why risk it? Let us handle it for you

Got a question outside of the points listed here? Want to know more info? Consultations are 100% obligation and cost free – contact VTO today to take the next step to website freedom.

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