Business Name:

Franc Paraplanning

Business Location:

Virtual Office


Business Overview:

Franc Paraplanning is a paraplanning consultancy business, able to construct complex advice strategies in all areas of financial advice including the specialised area of Aged Care. It is these niche skills that Franc Paraplanning use to provide affordable paraplanning to advisers.

Services Overview:

After understanding the Franc business model, which is 100% cloud oriented, VTO quickly got to work in helping the business step up their paperless game, giving complete business agility, with robust security features and room for growth leveraging the Microsoft Office 365 utility. VTO also have advised in digital marketing strategies, as well as basic web master services and standing up a very basic webpage.

Project Percentages
Web Design
Webmaster Services
Digital Marketing Consultancy
Cloud Systems
Project Management
Internet and Telephony

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