Business Name:

Dayzed Mobile Tanning

Business Location:

Wagga Wagga, NSW


Business Overview:

Dayzed Tan are Wagga’s local mobile tanning solution. The Dayzed team provide a flawless tan and peace of mind that your body business is kept your own! With at least 2m squared space in your own home with good ventilation, adequate lighting and a power outlet – Dayzed Tan can get the job done.

Services Overview:

Dayzed Tan were looking to build their business and the first thing they were looking to do was build their social media presence. VTO provided advice and strategies on how to find and create content, the best platforms to utilise and strategies to build their brand. Next thing was a website. VTO designed and built the Dayzed Tan website as well as provided all the webmaster services so the site is looked after and up to date!

Project Percentages
Web Design
Webmaster Services
Digital Marketing Consultancy
Cloud Systems
Project Management
Internet and Telephony

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