Business Name:

Ashculme Textiles

Business Location:

Wagga Wagga, NSW


Business Overview:

Ashculme Textiles is the culmination of a mother and daughter, whose similar love for textile crafts brought them back together after spending 30 years living on opposite sides of the globe. A mother who has spent eight decades with a sewing needle in hand, and a daughter passionate about exploring ancient and contemporary ways to hand-make objects of beauty.

Services Overview:

Ashculme Textiles has had a troublesome time on the world wide web. After a couple of years of developers that were unreliable, overly complex websites and very poor communication, Ashculme Textiles reached out to VTO. We are proud to say we have built Ashculme Textiles a high quality website, complete with e-commerce capability and event registration functionality with full PayPal payment gateways, and a modern clean design. And best of all for Fiona and Roswitha, support they can count on when they need it without the techie talk!

Project Percentages
Web Design
Webmaster Services
Digital Marketing Consultancy
Cloud Systems
Project Management
Internet and Telephony

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