Be Productive When Working From Home

In News, Productivity by Michael Phelan

So I have been running my own business for a while now. But before I took the leap to work for myself, I worked in and managed small, medium and large businesses, in retail, water broking, apprentice management and I.T.. Quite a spread really, looking back! One big thing I realised when I started working for myself, was that it took a lot of drive to make sure I was productive. It is easy now, but at the start, wow, what a mindset shift! I went from the 8:30 to 5:30 grind to near complete flexibility!

Well I tell you now, Netflix and my PS4 all got a decent workout!

But I knew it wasn’t sustainable. I realised that if I wanted to make a real go of working for myself, I needed to get back in a mindset that allowed me to achieve and succeed. So I thought, whats the big difference? And after a little thought, I found it. It’s routine! 

Think about it, working for “a boss” means you have to be somewhere, at a specific time, for a specific amount of time, and ideally achieve as much as possible in that time. Working for someone else makes you accountable to someone, but working for yourself, if there isn’t a client needing you, means the only person to keep you accountable is you

So what tips have I got for you, if you find yourself in a similar situation, whether working from home away form your regular office, an entrepreneur just starting up, or a seasoned small business operator? Here’s a few things I learned!

  1. Build your routine – find it and stick to it! Put it in your calendar, set reminders and keep yourself on track
  2. Mornings are your best friend! Get up! Get out of bed, no snooze button, just do it, go have a shower and wake up
  3. Breakfast – a full bacon and eggs or even a protein smoothie, whatever, eat, your brain needs it
  4. Exercise – find the time, make the time, move a meeting, whatever, but get out of the house, stretch your legs, talk to some people. Not only good for you physically, but also your mental health!
  5. Get dressed – and I don’t mean just house clothes or comfy track pants, I mean get dressed as if you were having a meeting, even if you don’t that day. You’d be surprised how much this changes your thought process
  6. Keep your home office seperate – now I know space is sometimes and issue. But you will eventually get to a point where you need separation, and being able to shut the door to your work space will do wonders for you (and your family!)

I am sure there is more! But these are the big ones for me! Everyone is different, and you will find what works for you, but these work for me. Give them a shot, maybe they will work for you!

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