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Who we are.

Tired of small regional business not recieving the techincal service they deserve either through cost or through size of their business and often times having to resort to relying on a "tech savvy" member of their own team, we created VTO.
We are your Virtual Technical Officer.
Any process or service that doesn’t directly improve customer service or generate new customers should be outsourced. Using your team for anything other than what they are employed to do costs you both money and efficiency. Unless you are a technology company, IT is a utility. Not a differentiator. Would your business survive the day with out internet or without emails? Would you risk your business finances with anyone other than a business accountant? Probably not. Then why risk your systems?






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How we work.

We will meet with you to understand the needs of you and your business. We will talk about where you see the future of your business, your pain points, your most far out ideas and things you don't even think might be possible. You will also get to see if we are a good fit for your team and if you are a good fit for us!

After understanding the needs and wants of your business into the future, we get to work defining and building out the path forward. No two businesses are the same and as such, no two solutions are the same. Your solution will be unique to you, taking into account everything you would like to achieve.

Now the fun really starts. We get to work. We will put into action the proposed solution and ensure it is delievered fully and on time. From there we will work with you to make sure everything is running smoothly and all your needs are met as you need them.